Wednesday, October 24, 2012

...On a More Serious Note

I like to think of myself as an easy going guy who doesn't take many things too serious... and I don't most of the time.  But I come today in the name of peace.  Why?  Because the election is coming up and election time seems like hunting season, and everybody is the game... and I think we all need to call a truce and respect everybody's candidate choice or anyone's decision not to vote.  I'm not even into politics to begin with and usually stay away from it altogether.  What's drawn my attention this time is how hateful people are becoming.  No matter what, there is always going to be division among people.  Unfortunately our system has been molded that way.  People blame the our politicians for division, but the truth is it's going to exist on one side or the other.  If politics are going in your favor, that means it's not going in somebody else's favor, therefore still creating division.  You see, there is always going to be division in politics... so just let it be, but leave it in the ring.  Let politics be politics... just stay human.  Don't fight with your neighbor because of politics.  Don't cut off ties with your sister because of politics.  Don't disrespect the guy in front of you because of his bumper sticker.  Remember, our politicians live in their own little world.  We still have to share ours with those who we may not agree with.  In other words... don't shit where you eat.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shit We Did as Kids (Part One)

First of all, Mom, I'd like to state there is a statute of limitations for all the actions listed below.  Also, you were an awesome mom, I was just a ninja.  You knew nothing of this.  Love you Mom. 'k...

1.  Ran away from the cops once.  Alright, wasn't like I was in process of a felony or anything.  Me, my friend and my brother just took a shortcut through some private property which were these giant grain tanks next to my house in Bishop.  Patrol car saw us, next thing I know my brother and my friend are already a football field away.

2.  Climbed these giant grain tanks next to my house in Bishop.  I guess you can say I climbed to the highest point in Bishop if you take out the water tower.  Everything looked different from up there.  Bishop actually looked awesome... for me to poop on!!! nah, jk that's gross.  Did pee from way up there though.

3.  Snuck into Jr. High homecoming dance, got busted... in the middle of a slow dance! Busted because I was still in elementary dating an older chick.  What can I say, I was badass.

4.  Played tag...  hid on top of houses, under houses, and in these giant grain tanks next to my house in Bishop.  (Those tanks were bad influences)

5.  Played dodge the arrow.  Neighbor had a bow and arrow.  Arrow was those dome tipped kind but it was still an arrow.  We'd shoot it in the air and run for our lives.

6.  Walked the railroad tracks like it was a sidewalk, took daily shortcut through giant grain tanks next to my house in Bishop.  Bet a whole bunch of kids that live on westside in Bishop still do this.  Good lord city officials, build the kids a damn sidewalk already.

7.  Actually, this one is on my guardians.  Stood up in the car when I was really little while car was in motion.  WTH?  Seriously mom?  Did they not teach you kinetic energy in school?

8.  Stayed up 24 hours playing NBA Jam tournaments.

9.  Egged cars, got what I deserved.  C'mon, everyone's egged something.  We egged cars really late at night and let's admit it... if you were driving down 2nd street in Bishop after midnight you were drinking and driving and you deserved it.  Oh, and one time a car stopped and I turned to run, tripped, and landed on my eggs... por pendejo!

10.  Bottle rocket war.  Yes, we lit bottle rockets and shot them at each other.  We   were   that   stupid.  We even managed to get a head shot on Michael Suarez.  That's when shit got real.

So there's my top 10.  I will be damned if my boys do any of this crap.  I don't even let them play in the back yard without the window open because I know how Stupid I was when I was little.  How I only have a handful of scars and only two sets of stitches is beyond me.  It was a pretty cool ride though.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Footprints Make Blueprints

Poof!  I'm a blogger now.  Add this to my list of awesomeness.  Also, excuse my grammar and spell checks.  If it were anything else I'd go Mrs. Plocek all up in here, but I'm gonna live on the edge a little... here we go.

So I'm just gonna put it all in a nutshell here even though Steph (my wife) will tell you that's impossible for me to do.  Let's start with chapter 1.  I will ultimately say growing up wasn't easy.  In fact it was very tough.  But I will never say I grew up a hard life.  I will always say I grew up in a character building environment.  Shit, I'll just say it... we were poor as shit.  Not like rope for a belt poor, more like used glass mayo jars for drinking cups poor... with no cable and A/C in the younger days... and Mathis Lake was a going out of town vacation.  But, I wouldn't change a thing.  In fact, my parents both are kicking ass and taking names now... the fact that they waited for us (me and my brother Rey, you'll meet him later) to grow up to be living a better life kinda tells me we were probably part of the problem, ha.  I loved my little life though.  It was very simple.  There were hard times, but what's funny is that I never complained.  I mean, I was always wishful that we could have certain things, but I can't say I ever made it tougher for my parents by acting like a little selfish asshole like you see nowadays.  If it's one thing that I could easily say was worth more then anything monetary or materialistic, it's that the little simple life I lived gave me the awesome gift of humbleness.  Humbleness in my opinion is the golden egg of life. A humble person will always be satisfied.  Some people's stomachs are never full, they always want more... and no, that's not a good thing.  To me it's not.  There has to be a goal.  I'm not saying to aim low, but I will say aim for comfort.  Life is ridiculously short.  Don't die hungry.  And it would really suck to bite the dust before the finish line.  This is leading somewhere I promise.  I don't question anyone with rich success. In fact, many can qualify as role models.  I mean, you don't want your kid to point at the weird dude at the street corner and say he wants to be like him.  I just question people who are going back to the buffet with a full plate, generally speaking.  But I guess there are only certain things that make them happy.

I'm comfortable.  I'm not at all saying I've plateau'd, but I'm very happy with where I'm at.  Sure I have bills, student loans, mortgage, etc., but I'm comfortable.  And it's crazy because I realize that I'm still young and hopefully will continue to achieve success.  Being happy is hard for a lot of people it seems.  There's a lot of "feel sorry for me" attitude out there.  There's a lot of spoiled brats in the world.  There's definitely a giant herd of whiners.  All of these people can suck the energy from just about anything.  Shit, sometimes you just gotta take a step back and think to yourself... is it really that bad?  Well, that's where my childhood comes in as my wingman.  And if you're thinking that I'm going to say that I'm grateful I'm not as poor as I once was, think again.  I could give a shit.  I look back to my childhood and see how fucking awesome my family was and still is.  There is always going to be a chance to be poor again.  That's when having a bad ass family as a safety net comes in handy.  I'm going to let you in on something here.  My most happiest, securest, and influential moments when I was younger was when my parents would hug and give each other a kiss.  That's why I'm always sure to let my boys see how much I love their mom.  They need to learn how to love first before they learn to make a living.

So there's my nutshell.  There's the basic architecture of my cool little life.  I'll get to some juicier stuff in my future blogs... perhaps. Stay humble my friends.  I definitely have more coming soon.